Secure your home

home security, real estate torontoNowadays most houses are equipped with security features, ranging from simple sensors    to high tech security systems with various features. People choose security system for different purposes, which I want to discuss in this article.

You want to prevent a burglary

This is basic security system, which is composed of sensors that are installed on door and windows. Once the system is armed, the alarm will go off at a break-in attempt. This is convenient if you don’t travel and leave the house for a short time, such as for work.

If you leaving your home for a long time

For example you decided to go on vacation, then you need a security system that will help prevent not only home invasion, but also from possible damage to your house. In this type of security sensors are installed in carefully chosen places and react to change in temperature and moisture level. An example of change in temperature level is if your house is on fire, the signal goes to the owner or to security firm and the catastrophe can be prevented.

Video surveillance

Is another whole level of home security. Basically you can visually monitor your home from literally anywhere; the video feeds directly on your device. This is a piece of mind if you have kids or you want to check on your nanny.

Security integration

Is a combination of all features: motion detector, alarm, video etc. Basically you have different security system working together. This is important if you really want to build a fort of you your home.

Speak to security companies, read their reviews and be safe.


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