Homeowners’ responsibility: shovel snow

real estate Toronto
Snow shoveling in Toronto is a mutual responsibility of citizens and City

In Canada we have four seasons that show off in full force. In summer it can become really hot, in winter we have sunshine and the next day snow storm with piles on snow on the roads and properties. Snow is good for fun and winter activities, however, it is also a responsibility. Responsibility not only for the City but for homeowners too.

First it is vital for a homeowner to clear snow away from the walls because when snow melts, the moist slowly penetrates inside the concrete, which is by texture is porous, and the moisture can sure lead to mold, which is another big problem that can cost big money and time.

Second, in Canada we have “duty care“ law, that entitles home owners to take care of their property and adjacent side walks. Snow shoveling has to be done within 12 hours of the snow storm. Driveway and sidewalks cleaning is also thoughtful to those who are on foot and are in a higher risk of slip and fall. If a homeowner fails to clean snow, they can be fined. However, if someone falls on your sidewalk and gets injured, you are can not be sued: fined yes but not sued for accidents. City will be. Homeowners are responsible for cleaning the snow, but they are not responsible for accidents that might take place on a sidewalk due to snowy and icy conditions.¬†The exception is that a homeowner has to duty care anything, that flows on side walk form their property.

There are parts in Toronto and GTA where City cant for some reason clean parts of properties due to severe storm or other reasons, and in this case it will be a non-obligatory civic shared responsibility for home and business owners to go outside and help to clean.


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