How to battle mortgage?

Having mortgage and being obliged to pay is stressful, what is more stressful is fear inside each and everyone that we can loose a job and will not be able to pay out the debt and this will be a road to disaster.

However, here in Canada, we are lucky to have an opportunity to decrease such risk and get secured with real estate investment.

It is a good idea to purchase and additional house or apartment for investment. This property is good to rent out, so it will pay for itself (the mortgage that you applied for in order to buy the property). There are many options as to which house to buy and for any budget. Good choice is to buy something near college and then rent it out to students. After some time you might want to sell this property, and you will win here too, because prices go up. Prices always go up, just sometimes they increase slowly. But they never go down.

Having something as investment in Toronto is an ideal deal, however, if a person doesnt have substantial budget, they can go and look for something north. North becomes more popular and more people moving there.

At winter the market is usually slower, and prices are not that high. This is a good time to search for an investment.

Call your agent and discuss with them your options.


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