Secure your home

home security, real estate torontoNowadays most houses are equipped with security features, ranging from simple sensors    to high tech security systems with various features. People choose security system for different purposes, which I want to discuss in this article. Continue reading


Steps to buying a house


If you are emotionally ready to make this move to purchase your dream home here are a few easy steps to purchasing it for you and your family. Make about an hour of your time available to visit a mortgage broker of a mortgage bank specialist. This visit will help you understand the budget that you can spent towards your new home. Continue reading

Technology in our homes


So many gadgets for home out there, like self cleaning toilet or touch faucets. In this post Kitchen Star wants to compile a list of some gadgets that are available for our home use.

 Touch faucets 

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These are faucets that you activate with your wrist or pack of your palm. These are convenient because you hands are dirty, you don`t have to soil taps. Less cleaning and minimize spread of germs plus contemporary sleek look are advantages to have this type of technology.


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This little thing is installed at the bottom of your door, and it is really helpful in cases when you have your arms really full with, let`s say, laundry, bags and a  baby on top. You touch topener with your foot and it will open the door. How convenient is that?

Wi-Fi weight scale


This scale reminds me of my android phone by its looks: simple…

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