Why real estate agent?

Now, why do we need those real estate agents? Can we do everything ourselves without breaking our head on hiring one?

Yes, you need a real estate agent, and a good one. And there are reasons for that.

Real estate agents:

  •  fight for your price.

If you buying a house, or selling it, you need to have a rock defence (aka real estate agent), who will set the last price and fight for it, using special marketing techniques that work.

  • marketing advise

We are all good at what we do: doctors good at curing people, teachers at teaching. Nobody will go to a carpenter for a surgery advice. Here is the same thing. Which location is increasing in value, what trends are, where to buy for living, where to buy for investment: these are pieces of advice that will be provided to you by your real estate agent.

  • home presentation

Anything that needs to be sold needs to be professionally presented. The role of a real estate agent is to make the property as appealing to a buyer as possible, presentation will also help to get the highest price for a client

  • legal documentation

There are so much legal paperwork that is intimidating for a non professional. Selling/buying a house is a difficult task; all legalities have to be perfectly straightened. The role of an agent is to make sure everything is correct and done properly.

  • mortgage

Real estate agent can advise on how and where to get money, provide with useful connections with honest mortgage brokers


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