Home inspection

home inspection, real estate torontoHome inspection is done usually by the buyers during the due diligence process of purchasing the home. Sometimes it is done by the sellers before listing their home on the market, but this case is usually with much older homes. Inspections are done by a certified house inspector, they take from one to six hours depending on the size of the house and the costs depend on the property size as well. The average inspection cost is from 300 to 500 dollars. During inspection the inspector checks if all electrical and plumbing is working, if the roof and the windows are in decent condition. Inspector checks for any damages or leaks in the property, as well as appliances. This is a visual inspection only and there are no warranties usually given, meaning that inspection report is only good for at the time of inspection and if anything goes wrong a week after the inspection it is not inspectors responsibility. Inspections are usually done for the buyer’s piece of mind when purchasing their home or any other property. If inspection finds any problems, buyer has the right to ask the seller to fix before closing, deduct the amount of money that repair will cost from the agreed sale price or in some cases not to proceed with a closing of this transaction and to back away from this deal by signing a mutual release document and getting the deposit back.