Marketing strategies

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Some of most popular marketing strategies used to crate brand or product awareness that results in a sale of a product offered! Continue reading


Technology in our homes


So many gadgets for home out there, like self cleaning toilet or touch faucets. In this post Kitchen Star wants to compile a list of some gadgets that are available for our home use.

 Touch faucets 

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These are faucets that you activate with your wrist or pack of your palm. These are convenient because you hands are dirty, you don`t have to soil taps. Less cleaning and minimize spread of germs plus contemporary sleek look are advantages to have this type of technology.


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This little thing is installed at the bottom of your door, and it is really helpful in cases when you have your arms really full with, let`s say, laundry, bags and a  baby on top. You touch topener with your foot and it will open the door. How convenient is that?

Wi-Fi weight scale


This scale reminds me of my android phone by its looks: simple…

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How to battle mortgage?

Having mortgage and being obliged to pay is stressful, what is more stressful is fear inside each and everyone that we can loose a job and will not be able to pay out the debt and this will be a road to disaster.

However, here in Canada, we are lucky to have an opportunity to decrease such risk and get secured with real estate investment. Continue reading