Marketing strategies

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Some of most popular marketing strategies used to crate brand or product awareness that results in a sale of a product offered!

There are many Marketing strategies used in the world today by the product and service providers, choosing the right strategy for your business can be difficult and costly, but if you choose right fast you will hit the jackpot. In this article I will briefly describe some of the Marketing strategies. The success of these strategies will be based on execution and the product and service that is offered.

 Email marketing:
 Collect email addresses for your potential prospects and send to them valuable information about your offering, while respecting their inbox at the same time. Don’t forget that in some Canadian provinces you will need permission to preform this procedure.

Evangelism marketing:
Surprise and overwhelm your client by your great care and great costumer service. If the client is happily shocked from your great performance he will give referrals and usually immediately. This marketing procedure is usually better for a service type of business instead of product.

Event marketing:
By creating an event you are giving your clientele a reason to shop for your product and creating an event can be a great success to boost your sales.

Pr marketing:
Work with the media to bring awareness of a product and the benefits that your product will offer.

Transactional marketing:
Making client purchase your product using special gift cards, coupons, discounts and sales events.

Undercover Marketing:
Very weird but quite effective for the long term marketing. By not uncovering all the great benefits of your product, let your clientele discover it and by word of mouth it can become a great source of buzz.

Scarcity Marketing:
Works usually for a high end products only, release only to a few of your clients, making your product limited at first will create a buzz and demand for your product.

Digital marketing:
Using billboard signs, smart phones, computers and other digital devises to advertise your new product to your costumers and business partners.

Relationship marketing:
Focus  on building a relationship with your costumer instead of always trying to sell them something. Customer that loves your brand will spend much more money to have products of your brand.

Cause marketing:
By finding a cause about which your company and clients care about can create magical profits.

Word of mouth marketing:
It is marketing by passing massage from  one person to another by using oral communication. This strategy is very effective if the oral communicator is trustworthy.

Article marketing (blogging):
Writing an article about your product and service describing its advantages can be very effective for those target market persons that enjoy reading a nice article and enjoy getting free education by readying educational information.

Search marketing:
Now days when people need a product or service they turn to Google, make Google your advertising partner, let people  know about your company through search engine optimization. The higher you rank on Google pages the more chances you have to have higher sales.

Direct mail marketing:
Sending direct mail to your target market, gives you a chance to communicate your massage to your potential clientele without physically contacting them.

Community marketing:
Cater to the needs of your current clientele, this will result in more customer satisfaction, create better loyalty and might result in new sales.

Social media marketing:
Have your satisfied clientele leave positive reviews about you on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, this will let others know about your product and service and can be huge if successfully executed. Thank your clientele for their great reviews in those social media sites.

Cross media marketing:
Making cross promotions with another company and service, making the public aware of cross promotion by several advertising channel like mail and social media.

Business to business marketing:
Can be extremely effective, adverting your product and selling it to other companies that can after resale your product for profit or a s a bonus gift for their product.

Promotional marketing:
Giving a customer a bonus to stimulate an immediate purchase of your product or service, different techniques can be used like special 1 day discounts or coupons with expiry date on it.

B2C marketing:
Converting shoppers into buyers, usually by physically presenting your products or if possible giving samples and tasting next to display.

Alliance Marketing:
When two or more businesses come together to advertise and sell their product together as one package. Often clients in need of 1 out of for example 3 products in a package will purchase the whole package if the price is right.

Getting your clientele by calling them directly and introducing your product and service to them over the phone.

Free sample marketing:
Giving out free samples of your product or even sending free sample by mail can create a very large market awareness.

Database marketing:
Creating database of your past clients and keeping in touch with them over time and also sending new product awareness if it is produced.

Loyalty marketing:
Growing your existing clientele by giving them special offers and intensives that others don’t know about. Make your client feel special and the repeat sales will pile up.

Personalized marketing:
Creating one on one relationship with your client and advertising to him or her exactly what they are looking for will result in a sale.

There are many other marketing techniques and strategies, but the ones that are described in this article are most common ones used in today’s society. Marketing is not just knowledge of strategies, it is based on a personality and ability to present and convince that the product that is presented to a target market is exactly what they are looking for, and if done successfully sale transactions will be executed immediately.

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